Precautions of horizontal dry powder mixer before using

//Precautions of horizontal dry powder mixer before using

Precautions of horizontal dry powder mixer before using

Usually when building a house, we need to stir the cement and together so that it can be used. Of course, during the mixing process, we will use a mixing device, which is a dry powder mixer.

horizontal dry powder mixer

Introduction to the Horizontal Dry Powder Mixer Precautions before Use

  1. The console of the dry powder mixer should enable the operator to see the working conditions of each part. The instrument and indication signals are accurate and reliable, and the operator cannot have blind spots on the field of view.
  2. When the dry powder mixer is working, first add water and then add the material for stirring operation. It is forbidden to start the material before starting, and the feeding is not allowed to exceed the rated capacity of the dry powder mixer.
  3. If the dry powder mixer does not work during the operation, the power should be cut off first, and the in the mixer should be poured out for maintenance and troubleshooting.
  4. During the operation of the dry powder mixer, it is strictly forbidden to extend the head or hand between the hopper and the frame to observe the feeding condition, and it is not allowed to reach into the mixing machine by hand or a wooden stick during operation, or to clean the putty powder in the barrel. .
  5. After the dry powder mixer is finished, clean the inside and outside of the mixer and clean the mixer, cut off the power supply, and lock the power control box.

The dry powder mixer is capable of working alone. A dry powder mixer can save three or four workers' workload and is an indispensable tool in production and processing. Moreover, this kind of machine can realize the processing of dry powder, colored cement, chemical materials and various materials, and the use is also very wide.