Dry Powder Mortar Series

//Dry Powder Mortar Series

Dry Powder Mortar Series

Ordinary series introduction

Dry-mix mortar is also called . It is a kind of mixture formed by mixing cement, sand, mineral admixture and functional additives in a certain proportion in a professional production plant in a dry environment, and then transported to the construction site in bags or in bulk, according to regulations. The dry mix material can be used directly after mixing with water. The production and application of dry-mixed mortar is a technological revolution in the construction industry and building materials industry, and is a major direction for the development of materials in the future.

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Product characteristics: good workability, strong adhesion, low shrinkage, excellent workability, excellent water retention, and effective adhesion of mortar on the base of dry block. It is ready to use water, stable in quality and convenient in construction.
Scope of application: It can be used for all kinds of masonry and ceiling plastering works on the inner and outer walls of buildings. It is suitable for wet construction.

Ordinary plastering mortar
Product features: stable quality, can effectively reduce the cracking of the plaster layer. Excellent water retention performance, can effectively reduce the initial shrinkage cracking of the surface. High bond strength, excellent sag resistance and easy plastering. It is easy to use and easy to construct. It can obviously improve the construction efficiency and effectively improve the cleanliness of the construction site. It does not require stacking sites for large-scale raw materials such as cement and yellow sand, which can save a lot of manpower.
Scope of application: Masonry engineering (red brick, lime sand brick, hollow brick, concrete block, masonry, etc.) applicable to various walls of buildings inside and outside walls.

Ordinary ground mortar
Product characteristics: It is a kind of premixed dry powder material which is prepared by mixing and sieving and processing fine aggregates with inorganic binders, mineral admixtures and chemical additives in a certain proportion. Its performance is more traditional. Mortar has been greatly improved in terms of cohesiveness, plasticity, water retention, and mechanical properties and durability after hardening.
Scope of application: for the leveling of the building floor and roof, can also be used for leveling the basement floor, and the indoor floor tiles are found to be equal.

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