How does the dry mortar mixing plant work

//How does the dry mortar mixing plant work

How does the dry mortar mixing plant work

The sand pre-treatment of dry powder mixing plant includes quarry, rupture, dryness, (grinding), sieving, storage (the river sand only needs to be dried, sieved, and then stored), sand storage, cement, fillers and others. Warehousing, weighing and weighing of ingredients, high-efficiency average inclusion, packaging or bulk of shaped materials, fully automatic process computer control syste.

The putty powder mixing equipment adopts advanced technology, economical, and the compressed air type, and the compressed air type service spring fails due to the fatigue of the raw material. The fluidized bed dryer and the traditional Drum type The dry machine has advantages over its advantages: high efficiency, economy, almost no radiant heat loss, no relative machine movement, almost no wear, low maintenance and repair costs, short ignition time, low noise, etc.

The dry powder uses a special bulk system and machined to increase the average degree of mixing, such further increment the quality of the product and the final engineering quality of the package; giving higher skill content; reducing the cost of the package (decreasing The packaging cost and handling tuition) , high quality, high efficiency; more powerful additional packaging price; waterproof, no cost; no dust pollution, no waste, a truly civilized and healthy working environment.

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