Double shaft dry mortar mixer solution

//Double shaft dry mortar mixer solution

Double shaft dry mortar mixer solution

Double shaft mixer solution

Double shaft dry

High mixing capacity double shaft is make full use of the mixed convection principle, it is using up movement of materials inside the mixer flow layer formation, produce instant weightlessness, to the best state of mixed effect…

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Application range of Double shaft dry mixer

Building materials, mining, paints, resins, silicon glass, chemicals, paints, pesticides, fertilizers, feed and feed additives, wheat flour, milk powder, spices, trace elements, coffee, monosodium glutamate, salt, detergents, concrete additives, plastics and the drying and mixture of various paste and powder.

Work principle of Double shaft dry mortar mixer

weightlessness double shafts blade mixer features fierce, high efficiency, short mix time and more than 95% of evenness for 1:1000 proportion. Normally, just 1~3 minutes can finish the mixing. Two agitating axes reversely rotate at the same speed within horizontal cylinder. The special angle laid on the axis ensures material can cast to three directions including radial, loop and axial, forming a compound circle to achieve uniform mixing in the short time.

Structure feature of Double shaft dry mortar mixer

1. To be solid – solid (powder and powder) and mixed solid – fluid (liquid and powder) and mixed drying operations, also can be used as reaction devices. Furthermore, according to customers' demand, we can offer a special design and customization.
2. Because of the mechanical effect, materials in the machine are in a state of weightlessness, have extensive staggered convection, diffusion, thus achieving uniform mixing. The range of materials that is suitable for mixing is very large. The proportion of the difference in size and weight, mixed materials do not produce tin. Mixer overcome some weaknesses, resulting in high-precision mixed results.
3. Mixed high precision, solid – solid in 1:1000 ratio, its standard deviation is three hundred thousandths to eight hundred thousandths, passive error of 2% (variability factor).
4. Mixing speed, the mixing of general powder needs only a minute.
5. The energy consumption of it is general mixer's 1/4-4/10. It is confined to operate, reliable to operate, and convenience to repair.
6. There are manual, electric, pneumatic and other types for you to choose from to discharge material

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